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Sterling Silverstream

We bought an Airstream! A 26" 1962 Overlander to be exact. She has a perfectly polished exterior and is about to undergo a complete renovation. This is where we plan to share the process from pre-demo to modernized beauty. It should take a good six months (give or take) to get her street ready, but she already rolls like a dream and has all the potential to take us great places.

After a recent trip to Oregon's wine country with friends, my husband GA started researching vintage trailer remodels. He did a ton of research, blog reading and craigslist browsing. Eventually he stumbled upon our tin can online in Tampa, Florida - conveniently where we met 10 years ago.

As the old saying goes.. Out with the boat, in with the airstream! So that's what we did, traded our 28" intrepid for the S.S. Land Yacht, now nicknamed "Sterling Silverstream". Stay tuned for updates on the Bruce caboose!

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